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Recently Asked Questions

Do you repair window air conditioners? The AC is a Frigidaire 12,000 BTU.
The compressor doesn't seem to turn. There is no cold air blowing. I know it is
suppose to blow hot air from back, it does not. its also brand new.

What is the price to put Freon into Air Conditioner?

My AC unit that's on my roof is making a funny noise (Rattling) I'm not sure if it's been serviced in the past we just bought this house in Nov. Of 2015 We were told it was a new unit

I am looking for a rough estimate on how much it would cost to clean the ducts and vents in my home, as well as my heating and A/C unit tuned up and serviced. My home is approximately 820 sq. feet. I have one return duct, 1 in each of the rooms(2), (1) in the restroom, (1) in the kitchen, and (1) in the living room. So (1) return and (5) vents total. I also have round plastic ducts, not the metal kind. Please email me with any information. I am looking to get this done once I have the money. I know that I am in need of duct cleaning because it's been 6 years since I've moved in, and it smells like dust coming out of the vents when I turn on the A/C and heater in the rooms.

What is the average life expectancy of equipment?

Can I just replace the outdoor unit on an older system to save money?

Will a bigger sized system perform better?

Why is a system with matched components so important?

How often should I change my air filter?

Why should I switch to a high efficiency air filter?

Should I have my furnace and air conditioner serviced every year?

Why should I purchase a service agreement?

How can I reduce allergens and improve the air quality in my home?

I am concerned about mold growth, what should I do?

What is duct cleaning?

What does SEER, AFUE, and HSPF ratings mean to me?

How can I reduce my energy costs?

Why should I buy Energy Star labeled equipment?

What is a Heat Pump?

What are the advantages of equipment with variable speed fans?

How does 2-Stage heating or cooling work?

At what temperature should I set my thermostat?

My system doesn't work well in a couple of rooms, what should I do?

Is Freon as a refrigerant being discontinued?

My air conditioner is very loud when I entertain outside, what can I do?

Can carbon monoxide build up in my home?

What if I smell gas?

Plumbing FAQ's

How do you fix a toilet that is constantly running?

Why does a plumbing system need a vent?

What factors contribute to a high water bill other than leaking faucets and/or pipes?

How would I know if my toilet leaks? If it is, what should I do?

What should I do if I have a major leak in my home?

What causes plumbing and drainpipes to rattle all the time?

Why does my hot water smell like rotten eggs?

Why does my toilet "sweat" and what can I do?

Why won't water enter the bowl when I try to flush my toilet?

How do I get my toilet tank to stop over flowing?

If my drain is clogged, should I use a chemical drain cleaner before I call a plumber?

Water Heater FAQ's

What does the Energy Factor (EF) on my water heater mean?

Where is the "anode rod" and what does it do?

Why doesn't my old water heater make as much hot water as it used to?

If my water heater was in a flood, do I need to replace it?

Can I use my water heater with a solar heating system?

Is a drain pan necessary?

What type of maintenance should I do on my water heater?